Dr. Frederick Kam’s 60th Birthday

Dr. Frederick Kam’s 60th Birthday


In order to celebrate Dr. Frederick Kam’s 60th birthday and the legacy he has left and continues to leave, his students have put together a Kam shirt! It is filled with tidbits of wisdom as well as that friendly face we all know and love! It is a conversation starter for sure, something Kam will always appreciate! The shirts are super comfortable and the backs are a unique half-tone printed design so it’s not a bulky screen print! Any questions, please reach out to Luke Anderson via Facebook or by filling out this form


Order before March 15th to secure yours!   Due to the pandemic, all shirts will be shipped directly to you! The shipping is included in the $20 price tag! Additional shirts to same address for $15/ea. Please, Only choose the additional shirt option if ordering more than one!


Whenever you wear the shirt, be sure to remember all of the advice Kam has given you (as well as the advice you have ignored)! Do something kind for a neighbor. Be intentional with those you encounter. Reach out to an old friend. Be a positive impact to those around you!


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